About Raymakers

Few companies can boast of as proud a history as Royal Dutch Textile Mills J.A. Raymakers & Co BV. Raymakers forms part of the Dutch textile heritage; her experience in the production of textiles goes
back to 1773.

Ever since, a wealth of experience was gained in spinning, weaving and finishing many different types of textiles. 

The title “ Royal” in our name is an award which was granted by H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands in 1951. This award is granted very rarely


to unique and established companies of known repute, 
making special and high quality products. 

In the last decades our company has mainly focused on the development, production and marketing of pile fabrics (velvet). We produce plain as well as patterned velvets in many different qualities. 

Our high standard of weaving and particularly our beautiful finish are famous all over the world.  As a result Raymakers has gained worldwide respect being the leading and most innovative 
manufacturer of drapery and upholstery velvet. 

Our products are distributed via textile wholesalers, converters, project specialists and the industry, in many different countries all over the world. 


Raymakers Textiel

All products, from yarns to dyed and finished fabrics, are made in our own factories in Holland.  The production of velvets is a complicated process, which we explain in brief below:

Velvet is being woven in two layers where the pile yarn links the two. Separation is done by a razor-keen knife on the velvet looms.

Dyeing & Finishing 
We are piece-dyeing our velvets in low minimum quanities. Finishing possibilities are various, i.e. crease-resistant, Teflon, flame-retardant and many other special inhouse techniques. All to achieve the rich and lush appearance of Raymakers velvets.

Quality Control 
A thorough quality control at every production stage ensures a consistent product. Over the years we have developed a quality management system that is tailored to velvets and velvet production. This, combined with our skilled people -many with long services- enables us to reproduce quality, colour and finish exactly to the standard, even many years after the initial introduction. 



Raymakers has a solid reputation of a highly innovative velvet specialist. Over the years we have been pioneering many new production methods and finishing techniques to create new velvets. Moreover,  a continuous investment programme ensures state-of-the-art machinery.

Currently, velvet experiences a strong revival in the market of interior decorating, both domestic and commercial. Rich decorations, deep colours and soft touch fabrics are the underlying trends for  this increased usage of velvets. Raymakers supports this trend with intensified product development.  For example by using new and different yarns for shine, for flame-retardency, for a more natural look or structure. Or by using different finishing techniques to decorate plain velvets. 

These developments guarantee attractive collections for any fabric business at any point in time. 


Raymakers'  policy is to establish partnerships with our customers and to create tailor made and exclusive collections together. 

Whether for the contract or for the domestic market, whether for drapery or upholstery use, an extensive range of velvet qualities is available to choose from or new qualities can be developed. 

Our many in-house dyeing and finishing techniques can be used to develop exclusive ranges tailored to the customer’s marketing profile. Our designers and salespeople are happy to assist in building your own collections

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A friendly and customer focused service ensures a smooth operation from order to delivery of our velvets.

A large stock of grey cloth can be processed quickly in any custom-made colour or design at low minimums. Moreover, an extensive stock of over 500 colours, in different qualities can be offered in just 1 piece minimums enabling our customers to carry a complete velvet offer at limited inventory levels. 

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Our sales managers constantly travel the world to support our customers. An international helpdesk in the sales office is specialized in the day-to-day velvet business and can advice you about shipping, storing and handling of our delicate velvets.