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The mayor market is in plain velvets, which we produce in over 50 qualities, whether it be for drapery or upholstery use, for domestic or project use, in natural or man-made yarns. 

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One of our strengths lies in the fact that we are able to reproduce accurately any plain colour in any quality of our velvets. Also many years after the initial introduction. Tailored collections can be sourced from our colour database with over 3.000 colours. Exclusive colours can be developed in our laboratory

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Decorated velvets become more fashionable. We have a large experience in producing patterned velvets in different styles for which we use several techniques:

Embossing : the pattern is pressed permanentely  into the velvet at high temperature

Brushing     : a special technique developed by Raymakers where a design is brushed permanently on the velvet

Printing       : various techniques to print a design on the velvet in just one colour or for more sophisticated
                        designs in over 20 different colours.

We have an extensive design database, which can be applied on various velvet qualities. 
Moreover, we can easily produce your own, exclusive design at low minimum quantities.


The flame retardant velvets are tested and controlled by one of the independent and certified fire test laboratories in Europe. 

Raymakers follows the actual European standards EN 1101 and 1102 for curtains, drapery and EN 1021 part 1 & 2 for upholstery. 

Copies of these certificates are available at no charge on request in combination with orders of our fabrics. 

If you are interested in certificates, based on other deviated standards, please consult our sales department. They can inform you about  delivery times and eventual costs of the  certificates.


Outdoor Velvets
Available in Trevira CS and regular Polyester velvets Water repellent finish possible.

Linen Velvet
100% linen pile;  for drapery and upholstery available by 1 piece minimum in 52 colours 

Trevira CS Velours

Luxurious Velvet
A new cotton/nylon blend velvet with a big advantage:  possible with a permanent embossing ánd appropriate for upholstery


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